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Jamison E. Broome is founder, vice-president, and lead evangelist for Revelation 12 Ministries. R12M is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) ministry based out of Florida. God has raised up R12M over the last three years to be a resource for preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ with an emphasis on biblical prophecy. I believe the Holy Spirit is imparting fresh revelation from the Word of God to this generation – the generation who will live to see his soon return. Revelation 19:10 says, “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

I was born and raised in a Christian home; in fact, three of my uncles are Pentecostal pastors. We attended church service every Sunday AM, Sunday PM, Wednesday nights, Revivals, Home Comings, and special services. I came to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at a young age and was baptized in the Holy Spirit at youth camp when I was a teenager. Having a father who was an engineer and musician, I followed suit. I am a licensed civil engineer and have been involved in music ministry most of my life playing guitar, singing, and song writing in various Christian bands and church Praise & Worship teams.

However, like most Christians today, I was busy working, paying bills, and taking care of my family. I was not spending time with the Lord or reading His Word. I was dying spiritually. I began paying attention to world events post 9/11 and began reading and listening to prophetic teaching by Perry Stone sometime between 2010-2012.

I had never really read much or studied the book of Revelation. In the fall of 2012 that all changed and the journey of faith, knowledge, insight, and discernment has been nothing short of amazing. In the spring of 2013, being led of the Lord, I made a modest donation to the TEMPLE INSTITUTE in Israel. I mention this because I am personally convinced that it was this act of obedience that led to my calling into full-time ministry.

One year later – in the spring of 2014 – I was researching and studying the blood moon tetrad phenomenon of 2014-2015. It was this topic that led to my discovery of the literal interpretation of the sign of Revelation 12 in Revelation 12:1-5. After sharing this topic with several friends, family members and pastors, I felt called to write about it.

One year later, in January 2015, I began working on the outline and writing The Final Harbinger: Countdown to Rosh Hashanah 2017 and the Sign of Revelation 12. As I continued to study, every passage of Scripture and prophetic timeline given to us in the Bible has only confirmed my research and findings.

One year later, in May 2016, God orchestrated events that would allow me to leave my engineering career behind to pursue His calling into full-time ministry. I knew I needed to do this to complete The Final Harbinger and to dedicate time and resources into getting the message of this prophetic revelation out to the church as well as non-believers. I am producing a 6-CD audio teaching to go along with the book, a study guide and will be actively involved in producing prophetic teachings for the R12M YouTube Prophecy Channel.

I am absolutely convinced that the Sign of Revelation 12 which occurs on the Feast of Trumpets in September, 2017 is directly related to the return of Jesus Christ for the church and the beginning of the tribulation period.


Maranatha!  Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Board of Directors

PRESIDENT – Rev. Allen Williams
VICE PRESIDENT – Jamison E. Broome, lay-evangelist
SECRETARY – Mike Kapotsy
TREASURER – Ryan Kilian

Phone: (850) 902-8459
Email: eric@r12m.com

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